Get Your Ommm On…

Get Your Ommm On…

Groupe Lacasse displays a healthful, stress-free work environment and culture at this year’s NeoCon 2017.


CHICAGO, June 2017 - Over stimulated and stressed? Exhausted and hard-pressed? Groupe Lacasse invites you to get your “Ommmm on” during NeoCon in its Suite 1042 showroom - a meditative space showcasing the company’s new STAD collection of furniture dedicated to wellness in the workplace.

“In today’s multi-tasking, multi-sensory work environments, it’s vital to create work culture conducive to well-being,” says Sylvain Garneau, President and CEO of Groupe Lacasse. “In fact, a company’s success depends on it. Our new STAD collection promotes greener, healthier, more flexible workspaces dedicated to maintaining a productive professional environment, yet one that’s fun and essential to establishing balance between work and life.’’

The 6,500-square-foot showroom is a calming, restorative space featuring the sensory elements of touch, sound, scent, sight, and taste. Break away from the fray of NeoCon to recharge, refocus, and rejuvenate.

The showroom is the ideal environment to showcase the innovative STAD wellness concept by Groupe Lacasse. More than simply office furniture, STAD promotes a professional lifestyle. Using high-quality, natural materials - wood, metal, upholstery and laminate - this modular system optimizes well-being, making office space feel more like home. Open-plan offices morph from private to collaborative work areas then back again, using adjustable tables, soft seating, smart integration, and countless configurations. STAD adapts to every environment and every user’s day-to-day needs. Fabric screens promote privacy, earth tones help calm and refocus creativity, and modular and pouf seating has been created for better posture and greater comfort.

STAD’s launch confirms that Groupe Lacasse is truly dedicated to discovering ways furniture can improve work culture in any professional environment. “A healthy work/life balance is what we strive for,” Garneau says. “In fact, one of the greatest challenges employers are facing is the ability to recruit and retain skilled and dedicated staff members. With that in mind, we created STAD to assist in nurturing employees’ well-being in their professional environments.”

Groupe Lacasse is enthused to invite visitors to get their “Ommmm on” at NeoCon, from June 12-14, 2017, Merchandise Mart, Suite 1042 - 10th Floor.

Get Your Ommm On…