Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Groupe Lacasse is committed to pursuing sustainable development practices. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to make our products and manufacturing processes more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable, while maintaining our ability to satisfy consumer demands for superior product quality and value.

  • We design our furniture primarily of particleboard manufactured from 100% recycled post-industrial material.
  • Modular format of furniture makes it easy to rearrange workspaces
  • Metal-on-metal assembly makes it easy to assemble/disassemble furniture, thus prolonging its useful life.
  • We have developed a new type of tasklight that makes it possible to reduce energy consumption by 40% (when compared to our previous task light).
  • Designs that use translucent materials, which diffuse natural light and provide users with a view, help reduce energy consumption and improve the aesthetic quality of a workspace.
  • When possible, we choose local suppliers.
  • To reduce landfill waste in the manufacturing of our products, we use sawdust for power cogeneration, and sort and recycle PVC plastic, steel, and aluminum.


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