Maintenance service director

Date : 27 January 2020

Type : Full-time

Place: Saint-Pie, QC, Canada

The role of the Maintenance Supervisor is to supervise the preparation and plans the interventions of the members of the maintenance team to ensure continuity of operations aimed at the manufacture of high quality products. Actively seeks collaboration with manufacturing operations and aims to respect set schedules, minimum downtimes and allocated budgets. The Maintenance Supervisor aims for high standards of productivity for his team in the most effective and safe manner. The Maintenance Supervisor works in collaboration with other departmental teams to improve plant operations. Actively supports strategies adopted by the Leadership team, and dedicates himself to the development of team members and relationships with external as well as internal customers. Maintains a healthy work environment while respecting collective agreements in effect.


  1. Aims for stable equipment productivity by ensuring that the status of the plant’s machinery and related equipment is safe and compliant;
  2. Ensures that maintenance schedules are met and that all work orders are completed as soon as possible;
  3. Coordinates the team's actions between shifts and provides effective and comprehensive transfer of information and machinery status between the members of the team;
  4. Communicates daily with team members to establish clear expectations regarding performance, priorities, schedules and team and departmental objectives;
  5. Maintains harmonious relations with coworkers, in accordance with the collective agreement and plant regulations. Ensures regular presence of the maintenance team on the production floor and a satisfactory response time. Respects programs and procedures related to disciplinary action. Participates, with appropriate authorities, to processes related to grievances;
  6. Collaborates actively in OSH committee activities. Contributes strongly to the promotion of safety regulations and ensures compliance with specific procedures in the department;
  7. Plans labor needs (reduction, increase, transfer), including overtime, according to the department’s budget and goals;
  8. Initiates the necessary actions, establishes indicators and continuously measures sector performance to achieve the highest standards in maintenance (corrective, preventive and predictive). Maintains constant client contact to coordinate interventions on the equipment (corrective, preventive and predictive) with supervisors and plans the work of the maintenance team;
  9. During downtimes (planned or not), takes charge of all actions and interventions. Gives information about work progress to interested parties;
  10. Assigns tasks according to the skills of team members;
  11. In projects outside of production hours, plans the required labor, requests and manages internal team interventions, includes site supervision and team coordination;
  12. Ensures the proper planning of tasks to be executed as well as quality control of interventions, the content of work orders and required time to execute assigned tasks;
  13. Ensures the upkeep and quality of information collected and kept in the Maintenance management computerized system;
  14. Takes an active part, as team member, in searching for solutions, helping realize advisability studies and cost analyses;
  15. Participates in various work coordination and continuous improvement committees;
  16. Plans for training for team members, follows up on absenteeism, health and safety in partnership with Human Resources;
  17. Other related tasks.


  • Technical training: electromechanical, electronic training and/or in connection with the job;
  • 3-5 years experience in a similar position;
  • Experience in a manufacturing environment essential;
  • Significant technical knowledge and skills;
  • Very good interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Positive and mobilizing leadership skills.

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