Production Supervisor

Date : 15 March 2019

Type : Full Time - Evening Shift

Place: Saint-Pie, QC, Canada

The role of the Production Supervisor is to manage, coordinate and plan activities related to plant production to ensure continuity of operations aimed at the production of high-quality products. He/she is responsible for the supervision of the production staff. The Production Supervisor participates in the continuous improvement of production processes and in the maintenance of a safe working environment.


1. Maintaining high productivity standards in the most efficient and effective ways;
2. Taking into account product specifics, seeing to material and labor requirements associated to good manufacturing practices;
3. Working with all departments to manage variances (improvement of plant operations);
4. Developing and maintaining a healthy and harmonious working environment while respecting requirements of the current collective agreement;
5. Strongly contributing to the promotion of safety rules and ensuring compliance with procedures specific to department and plant regulations;
6. With other supervisors, ensuring that production workflow remains as planned;
7. Determining the training needs of the production staff and, with other managers, participating in the evaluation of plant employees (Production supervisors help in the integration of employees.);
8. Participating in the planning and organization of production. Checking availability and good performance of the equipment, evaluating the productivity of the processes and proposing improvements;
9. Coordinating team actions between work shifts and ensuring the efficient transfer of information and machine status among the production team members;
10. Communicating effectively with the production team and ensuring a regular presence on the production floor;
11. Producing production reports, Kronos timesheets and any other data necessary for the smooth running of operations.


  • Candidate has the technical training related to the job function;
  • Quebec College level training (QCD), an asset;
  • 3-5 years’ experience in a similar position in the manufacturing sector;
  • Experience in personnel management is essential;
  • Very good interpersonal and communication skills, high sense of urgency;
  • Mobilizing and positive leadership.

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