Cost Analyst

Date : 13 March 2019

Type : Full Time

Place: Saint-Pie, QC, Canada

The Cost Analyst will support a manufacturing facility. His/Her main responsibilities will be the activities surrounding cost pricing, inventory and the preparation of reports and performance indicators.


1. Determine and revise standard costs;
2. Actively participate in the monthly closing of books;
3. Balance the inventory items at the end of the month and complete the associated analysis;
4. Calculate inventory provisions;
5. Validate financial statements by product category;
6. Update the various performance indicators;
7. Issue recommendations based on analysis, research and reporting;
8. Coordinate end-of-year inventory count and verifications;
9. Participate in annual audits;
10. Participate in various projects;
11. Make financial presentations to Board members;
12. Assist the Vice President on any other related task.


  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting with a CPA accounting title;
  • No required experience;
  • Excellent knowledge of Excel;
  • Functional bilingualism in both French and English, oral and written;
  • Good knowledge of cost pricing;
  • Great sense of organization and priorities;
  • Good communicator;
  • Ability to work as a team.

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