Think Smart Educational

From the reception area to interactive learning stations and computer labs, Lacasse offers a complete range of products covering the full needs of teaching establishments. All components are designed to meet your requirements in terms of ergonomics, flexibility and the integration of new technologies. 

    Lacasse 2011 Think Smart Brochure
Lacasse products have achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.
Groupe Lacasse is certified ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004.
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   The Café    The Collaborative    The Computer Lab    The Computer Lab    The Doc/Media Centers
   The Interactive Classroom    Traditional Teaching   The Administrative - 400e   The Administrative - Morpheo   The Administrative - Quad
  The Infirmary   The Meeting Room   The Partitions - Nvision System   The Reception   The Sports Locker Room
 E1LA-253672BU_TWT  E1LS-UC3060SA_TWT  E1NA-RC367242D_TWT  E1NN-CCS677333_TWT  E1NN-RC2460_TWT + base
 E1NN-TOBS2618_PCM + ENQS-251835UL_TWT  E1NN-TOBS2636.ENVS_PCM + 253635UFL_TWT  E1NS-M242539W_TWT  E1QS-M243636T_TWT  E1QS-M244242AV_TWT
 E1VA-M242429BR_TWT  E1VS-M242539BW_TWT  E5NN-G283639A_TWT  E5NN-GB282829_TWT  ENNA-MA183036_TWT
 ENNN-H243613_TWT  ENNN-LC241846_TWT  ENQS-MTV5464T_TWT  Laptop Cart - Front Doors Accessory Rail
Counter Tops CPU Table - Wire Management Cushion with Backrest E1NN-L153660_NTL E1NS-BCH2048_TWT
ENQS-H363616T_HZN Hanged Open Cabinet Hinges Hinges of a Wire Management Raceway Hinges of a Wire Management Raceway
Inclined + Straight Shelvings Laptop Cart - Back Metal Doors The Storage Cubbies Think Smart Circulation Desk Think Smart Circulation Desk
Ventilation Grid Wall Track + Coark Board