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In perfect harmony

It's easy to get wrapped up in Morpheo with its attractive styling, wraparound functionality and signature floating top look. But there is substance along with its modern and practical style. Freestanding or juxtaposed, Morpheo makes the most of compact space or expands like a system. Its shape-shifting personality fits any office environment.†

††† Lacasse†2012†Morpheo Brochure
Lacasse†products have achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.
Groupe Lacasse†is certified ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004.
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     Morpheo_1A_RBY     Morpheo_3A_CAR_SNO     Morpheo_3B_NRM     Morpheo_4C_NRM     Morpheo_5C_HZN
    Morpheo_6A_TWT     Morpheo_6B_SNO     Morpheo_7A_CCL_WGR    Morpheo_4A    Morpheo_4B
   Morpheo_5A    Morpheo_CLASSIC    Morpheo_C_WATER FALL    Morpheo_C_Z STRAIGHT_Silver    Morpheo_Handle3
   Morpheo_Handle4    Morpheo_HFloating_Top    Morpheo_IND10_MNNZ-MF_HZN    Morpheo_IND1_M5NC-F4272FA_HZN    Morpheo_IND2_M5NN-EO723616T_HZN
   Morpheo_IND3_MNNC-PB242449_HZN    Morpheo_IND4A_EB724416_HZN    Morpheo_IND4B_LGC-TK4272_HZN    Morpheo_IND6_M5NN-E724416T_HZN    Morpheo_IND7_M5NN-CDM724818_HZN
   Morpheo_IND8_MNNA-P1818URL_HZN    Morpheo_IND9_MNNK-P1518CUFL_HZN    Morpheo_QuincaillerieModestie    Morpheo_round_leg    Morpheo_Square_leg
   Morpheo_Translucent   Morpheo_10A_SNO   Morpheo_12A_RBY_WGR   Morpheo_13B_SAB_SNO   Morpheo_7A_DCH_WGR
  Morpheo_8A_GIN_WGR   Morpheo_9A_CIN   Morpheo_9B_NTL_CLY  Morpheo_11B_X_Matrix  Morpheo_11C_T_Translucent
Morpheo_11D_Q Leg Morpheo_11E_V Leg Morpheo_11F_X_Clip Morpheo_11G_M1NN-E544416T_RBY Morpheo_11H_M1NV-C3483624_RBY
Morpheo_11I_M1NW-243673BT_RBY Morpheo_11J_M1NZ-203673LDX_RBY Morpheo_11K_M1NZ-LF2472B_RBY Morpheo_13C_M1NV-YS3672_RBY Morpheo_13G_M1NV-CE484824_CIN
Morpheo_13H_MNNA-PB242449_RBY Morpheo_9H_M1NA-SLF2436_RBY Morpheo_9I_M1NC-UF2448R_RBY Morpheo_9J_M1NC-UF3066F_RBY Morpheo_9K_M1NN-CDM184866_RBY
Morpheo_Shape 4 Morpheo_Shape 5 _Morpheo_Close-up _Morpheo_Detail
Finishes shown for the images on the website are for illustrative purposes and cannot be considered as a true representation. Please refer to actual samples before ordering.

Before ordering Groupe Lacasse products, refer to the current printed brochures and price lists for complete information, restrictions and exceptions for each product line.