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Prospect Qualification

Qualifying is a critical process and skill set that exists within the overall sales process.  The skill set embraces effective questioning, effective listening, understanding or interpreting and decision-making.  Qualifying a prospect effectively sets up a successful sell by collaboration and understanding.

Ineffective Qualification is signaled by;

  • Loosing deals and slippage
  • Deals don't move in the funnel
  • Time management issues
  • Decision makers not willing to be accessed
  • Internal resources don't want to work with sales persons
  • Decisions usually coming down to price
  • No understanding of customer's business
  • Relationship issues with client

How to Imbed in the Dealership
Qualification of prospects can be imbedded into the dealership sales process by training and role playing.  One of the best ways to train in the process is by developing a question set to guide the sales person through the process.  An outline or "cheat sheet" is an effective tool to help teach and reinforce powerful question and listening skills. (see download)

The benefits of effective qualifying skills are;

  • Reduce waste of valuable resources within the dealership
  • moves the sell off of price alone
  • promotes margin creation and prevents margin erosion
  • gets the client a better solution
  • differentiates the dealer from the competitor
  • creates powerful customer relationships